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FAQ - Kata Radiation

What do KATA® radiation meters actually measure?

KATA® radiation meters measure ionizing radiation, more specifically gamma and X-ray radiation.

How accurate are KATA® radiation meters?

The KATA® Solo is accurate and the measurement range is wide. Dose rate: 0.01 – 100,000 μSv/h. Dose: 0.001 – 1,000 mSv.

Where are KATA® radiation meters manufactured?

All our products are manufactured at our modern facilities in Joensuu, Finland

FAQ 2 - Kata Radiation

I have a radiation meter. Should it be inspected or calibrated?

Regulations vary from country to country. In some countries radiation meters must be inspected in every five years. Some of our clients send their devices every year for inspection. The inspections is carried out with a radiation source. This extends the life cycle of the sensor.

Where are these radiation meters used?

Radiation meters are integral part of civil defence and applications where radiation is used. You can find radiation meters in shelters, hospitals and industrial sites.

I have an old radiation meter. Does it still work?

Many radiation meters are durable and may be functional even after a decade or more. However, the old meter should be inspected, in which case the operation of the radiation detector is checked with the help of a radiation source. The radiation sensor of a meter that has not been used for a long time may die.

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